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What do we offer?

We offer our simulations and games as part of the following modules:

Play hard. Learn fast. Light.

With our assistance you will gain first-hand familiarity with one our simulations or games, followed by a short debriefing. The module Light is suitable, for example if you:

  • are looking for an original and stimulating group activity that addresses a relevant issue in your team, company or organization in a playful manner;
  • wish to include a targeted (starter) activity in your management conference or team-building program that gives a powerful impetus to further individual and collective reflection on (new) resolutions and actions;
  • want to gain first-hand experience with a simulation or game.

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Play hard. Learn fast. Intensive.

In consultation with you, we will compile a program for a one-day or multi-day interactive training seminar specifically targeting one or more organizational issues defined by you. A simulation or game will form the motor of the seminar. In an extensive debriefing, we will join you and your colleagues in an intensive reflection on the game experience, naturally with an explicit focus on the specific subjects that concern your organization. An important component of the debriefing is the translation of the game/simulation to daily reality, adding depth to the reflection. Depending on the overall goal, the development of a shared vision and/or hammering out work agreements concerning a certain theme or issue can be part of the seminar. An additional option for the seminar is to incorporate a discussion of theory and practice associated with the learning objective. Finally, it is important to devote attention to the long-term practical effect of the training programme and to keep alive the generated ‘boost’ in your everyday work situation. On request we can arrange a follow-up meeting to offer specific and to-the-point tips and suggestions on how to permanently integrate the ‘yield’ of the intensive game seminar. The module Intensive may be suitable if you:

  • wish to robustly challenge your workforce or line managers – for instance during a management conference – with respect to a certain issue, and with intensive shared reflection;
  • are seeking a powerful, well-defined training program centering on a specific learning goal, as a means of achieving a boost;
  • are looking for an effective and solid building block as part of a broader learning and development program for your company or organization..

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Play hard. Learn fast. For Trainers and Consultants.

On request we supply complete sets of simulations and games that you can use in your own consultancy or training agency, or for in-company activities. We are happy to inform and advise you about the options and the various aspects involved in (facilitating) our simulations and games. If desired, we can also provide for accreditation or ‘train-the-trainer’ seminars, which will enable you to personally supervise the simulation or game concerned. Such a seminar is strongly recommended, and in a number of cases is prerequisite (as for Changesetter) to obtaining the required license. The module For trainers may be a serious option for you, for instance if you:

  • as a trainer or consultant, wish to have such a tool available to you because it clearly suits – or is clearly lacking in – your own professional ‘toolbox’;
  • as the person responsible for human resource development, wish to be able to use the game or simulation in your company or organization, on a large scale and/or permanently.

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If our modules or simulations do not perfectly match what you need or require, do not hesitate to get in touch anyway. Thanks to our national and international network of game providers, developers and trainers, we shall be happy to search for the simulation, game or work method that does satisfy your need.