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What do we offer?

We offer our simulations and games as part of the following modules:

Play hard. Learn fast. Light.

With our assistance you will gain first-hand familiarity with one our simulations or games, followed by a short debriefing. When should you choose this module?

Play hard. Learn fast. Intensive.

In consultation with you, we will compile a program for a one-day or multi-day training seminar, specifically targeting one or more learning objectives defined by you. When should you seriously consider this option?

On request we supply complete sets of simulations and games that you can use in your own consultancy or training agency, or for in-company activities. More information for trainers and consultants.

Why games work

The power of simulations and games is due to the effectiveness of experiential learning, as succinctly shown in the diagram on the left. In simulations and games, dilemmas and mechanisms found in reality are made tangible in powerful ways. Read more about why games work.

Experienced by…

Our simulations and games have been played numerous times. See below for an impression of the companies, organisations, trainers and consultants that have preceded you.