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The Team of Simulation Experience consists of (from left to right) Vincent Peters, Dirk Jan Bolderheij, Marleen van de Westelaken en Axel Vieth. Their common passion is found in their belief that simulations and gaming are powerful learning tools, which trigger people to keep on learning and developing. For this reason, it is their ambition to increase the practical possibilities to actually use simulations and games and, in doing so, reach as many professionals and managers as possible. They not only do that by enabling Trainers and Consultants with a diverse selection of simulations and games or to co-create with them, but also by offering trainings in how to work effectively and how to facilitate simulations and games.

Meanwhile Dirk Jan, Axel, Vincent and Marleen are a strong them, because of their complementary profiles. Their different backgrounds and rich experience with teams and organizations in general and with HR, methodology and organizatonal change, in the academic, corporate and govermental world in particular, they know where, what and why things don’t work in organizations and companies and, above all, how simulations, games and other interactive working formats can be used to create a strong awareness on specific learning goals, which boost learning and development of people, teams and organizations.

drs. Dirk Jan Bolderheij MMO, Owner, Manager SimXP

Axel Vieth MMO, Trainer/Consultant

drs. Marleen van de Westelaken, Trainer/Consultant

dr. Vincent Peters, Advisor Game-Based Learning and Development

Learn more: Interview with Dirk Jan and Axel in Magazine for Alumnis TiasNimbas Business School, 23 mei 2013 (only in Dutch)