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Simulation Experience collaborates with a number of interesting domestic and foreign organizations to ensure that our simulations and games, as well as the quality of our training programs, remain at the highest levels. These are our partners:

Simulation Experience is in alliance with and also the Dutch representative of the Polish game development company Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych (PGS), whose track record includes winning the first prize in both the 2009 and 2010 NASAGA Game Design Competition, with ‘Strike Fighter’ and ‘A Matter of Time’.
Simulation Experience also works with the German company RIVA, owner of a couple of very interesting games, including SysTeamsChange.
For our training seminars that use the ‘classic’ games Slogan and Hexagon, we closely cooperate with Samenspraak Advies, a game development company in Nijmegen.
We also work with the Danish organisation Actee ( ActeeChange and 6Styles is now played on several continents, and Simulation Experience is responsible for the Dutch market.
thebarn The Barn is a spin-off of the Delft University of Technology and developer of TeamUp. Apart from further developing TeamUp, The Barn aims at developing and programming specific and high-end/3D serious games.
Ninecubes Ninecubes ia a Swiss Partner around gaming tool Interpersonal Skills LAB (InterLAB).
UCS Sustainable Partner UCS is specialized in designing simulations and games on sustainability issues, like napuro.
priME PriME-Cup has developed several business games and simulations and is well-known in Germany and German business schools in particular.
Simulation Experience is proud to be sponsor of the ISAGA-conference in Dornbirn, Austria (July 7th-11th 2014).
Imagile-logo-rgb Imagile is een in scrum en agile gespecialiseerd bureau met bijzondere belangstelling voor simulation & gaming, waaruit de ontwikkeling van scrumbld is voortgekomen.
Ninecubes Innogreat is in Taiwan gevestigd consultancy praktijk met Amerikaanse wortels die richt op het versterken van innovatiekracht binnen bedrijven. Innogreat is ontwikkelaar van het gamified learning concept Thinking in and out of the box.