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Our approach

We strongly believe that simulations and games will be more and more an important part of Learning, Development, Change and Training Programmes. Simulation Experience aims therefore at a fast and wide access of and with a diverse selection of ready-to-go simulations and games, which:

  • are designed by (inter)national game-experts;
  • target actual organizational issues;
  • are based on recognized management theories;
  • have proven their effectiveness in practice.

In our opinion developing tailor-made simulation and games are not always neccessary. On the contrary, it can even be better when a simulation or game contains another context: a simulation or game which is too close to reality might distract from the central learning goal. More over, too much accent on the development of tailor-made games might not only be time-consuming and costly, it can have the consequence that the power of simulation and gaming tools will not reach a great deal of professionals and managers. This is where Simulation Experience comes in, enabling Trainers and Consultants:

Of course, Simulation Experience also offers dedicated Learning and Development Experiences with simulation and gaming tools itself. Here there are different options that can apply (learn more at Play hard. Learn fast. Light en Intensive).

The debriefing is an essential part of the gaming experience. Here the learnings are made explicit and are preserved. The debriefing consists of an evaluation and analysis of the gaming experience, answers to questions like ‘what have I and we learned?’ and a thorough comparison to one’s own (organizational) reality. The gaming and learning experience can be further elaborated in different directions. For example, this can be further reflection on fostering the current practice or discussing theories involved. Or formulating a common organizational diagnosis, ambition, strategy or agreeing on specific targets. With simulations and games as a starting point there are so much possibilities! In our Programme Train-the-Trainer you can foster and sharpen your skills to most effectively use (specific) simulations and games.

We are strongly convinced that Learning and Development with simulations and games not only can boost the development of teams, organizations and networks, but also trigger and definitely increase the awareness and motivation to participate and (continue) to learn.