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October 21st-24th 2015
NASAGA Conference, Seattle

May 26th 2015
Expedition, part II

March 31th 2015
Expedition, part I

July 7th-11th 2014
ISAGA year conference, Dornbirn, Austria
>> Factsheet TeamUp Track (Gameplay, Theory & TechTalk)

June 30th 2014
Launch of PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship
by designer prof. dr. Helmut Wittenzellner (priME-Cup)
Learn more
>> Location: TIAS School for Business and Society, Kromme Nieuwegracht 39, Utrecht

June 20th and 21th 2014
Authorization session Changesetter.
>> Location; Rotterdam
>> Learn more

June 12th 2014
Session SysTeamsChange for alumni TIAS School for Business and Society

May 27th 2014
Launch of Corporate Sustainability Game napuro by game-designer
Dr. Markus Ullrich (UCS)
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May 16th 2014
Authorization session TeamUp
>> Location: Rotterdam
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April 17th 2014
Second Tools for Trainers Event with Tornak
>> Location: Tornak, Utrecht
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February 4th-6th 2014
LearnTec, Karlsruhe, Germany

December 12th 2013
Simulation Games Workshop with TeamUp and InterLab at the Team Building Platform of the Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland

November 22nd 2013 (one day)
For Trainers & Consultants: First Authorization TeamUp (serious game for Teamwork Workshops)
>>More information
>> Location; Woudestein

November 15th 2013
Gaming Masterclass “Negotiating effectively: how to do it?”
With Negotiation Game Strike Fighter and debriefing, theory and practice under supervision of Hans Kombrink (Former MP, Secretary of State and Elderman)
>>Learn more

November 8th 2013
Gaming Masterclass “LEAN-management from a Change Management Perspective”
With the LEAN-scenario of Changesetter and debriefing, theory and practice under supervision of Dr. Tabe Aardema (Thales)
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In the spotlight; November 8th 2013
Simulation Experience has contributed to ‘Project Romeo’, which is an ambitious Learning Programme of the Royal Netherlands Army in collaboration with AOG School of Management and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (article Telegraaf). Learn more

October 31st 2013 (afternoon)
Tools for Trainers with demos Changesetter, 6Styles, TeamUp and launch of the newest SimXP gaming tool on team efficiency,
-collaboration, communication and human errors (in collaboration with Tornak)
>>Learn more

October 29th 2013
Prof. Willy Kriz (developer of SysTeamsChange) demonstrates his newest gaming tool SysTeamsProject, aiming at projectmanagement.
>> Location and time to be determined
>>Learn more

September 19th 2013
Prof. Willy Kriz demonstrates SysTeamsChange at SAGANET
>>Learn more

September 2nd – 6th 2013
Simulation Experience attends Serious Games Academy / GALA Summerschool, University of Graz, Austria

July 12th 2013
Training Course ‘Facilitating simulations and games: how do I do that?’ (one full day)

July 8th 2013
Train-the-Trainer TeamUp (Trainers & Consultants working with TeamUp by themselves!),
Stadion Woudestein, Honingerdijk 110 Rotterdam

June 5th/6th 2013
Authorization Changesetter
Stadion Woudestein, Honingerdijk 110, Rotterdam

May 31st 2013
Demo TeamUp, Rotterdam

April 12th 2013
Demo TeamUp in Kraków, Poland

April 5th 2013
Demo TeamUp, Rotterdam

14 december 2012
Demo Hexagon

28 november 2012
Demo New Commons Game
Demo Changesetter

22 november 2012
Demo SysTeamsChange

16 november 2012
Demo Changesetter

November 9th 2012
Launching of the “Long Lasting LEAN” scenario for Changesetter

November 2nd 2012
Launching of 6Styles in the Netherlands (insight in and development of one’s own leadershipstyle).

24th/25th September
Simulation Experience authorized agent for 6Styles in the Netherlands

September 7th and 8th, 2012
Accreditation session (pdf) (two days) for Changesetter in Antwerp, Belgium (in cooperation with Propellor). For more information: contact us

August 30th 2012
Demo- and instruction session Changesetter (14.00 – 17h). Register.

July 28th – August 4th, 2012
Simulation Experience attends ISAGA Summerschool / Georgia Tech, Atlanta/Georgia/U.S.A. (with Dennis Meadows and others)

July 2th-6th, 2012
Simulation Experience attends ISAGA-conferentie in Cluj, Romania.

May 24th 2012
Simulation Experience conducts a demo Changesetter for the Geneva Facilitator Network.

April – june 2012
Pilot phase for School Programma Sustainability en Cooperation with New Commons Game. For more information: contact us.

April 2012
Start cooperation with neighboor Salon Daar: an inspiring ‘living room’ where our simulations and games can be played.

March 28th 2012
Demo ‘Changesetter’ in Utrecht

March 15th 2012
Demo ‘A Matter of Time’ in Rotterdam

March 7th-9th 2012
Simulation Experience visits ABSEL conference in San Diego, U.S.A.

March 6th 2012
Simulation Experience conducts a demo Changesetter for Encompass consultants in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

February 2nd 2012
Simulation Experience launches Changesetter in the Netherlands

January 25th 2012
Dutch version of award-winning ‘A Matter of Time’ available at Simulation Experience