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Simulation & Games in your Professional Toolbox

We are convinced that simulations and games – because of their inherent power – will become a more and more important part of learning, development, change and training programmes. Our mission is to enable trainers and consultans as well as possible with powerful ready-to-go simulation and games that:

  • are developed by (inter)national game-experts;
  • target up to date organizational and management issues;
  • are based upon recognized management theories;
  • have proven their power.

Therefore, all of our selected simulations and games are immediately available to fit and complement your products and services towards your own clients. An important advantage of our proposition is -in general – the absence of developing time and costs. In all, our diverse selection of simulations and games with different themes and learning goals are ready-to-play and have a more generic character. In this approach the flexibility and connnection to more specific learning and development goals can be met in the debriefing (where the learnings have to be made explicit and preserved).

All of our simulations and games can become part of your own Professional Toolbox. Because we work with quite some game-developers and -suppliers, there are different regimes that have to be taken into account. Changesetter, 6Styles, TeamUp and InterLAB include relatively lower barriers to get you started combined with user-licenses. Other tools are generally aiming at unlimited use and therefore have higher barriers to acquire them.

On request we can deliver operational and complete sets of simulations and games, that you can integrate in your consultancy and/or training practice. We will be glad to inform you and advice you about the possibilities an different aspects, that are related to (facilitating) our simulations and games. When needed we can take care of authorizations or Train-the-Trainers, that enable you to effectively use this simulation or game. These are strongly recommended and are sometimes a condition in order to be ‘licensed to play’.