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For Trainers & Consultants

To what extend are simulations and games part of your professional toolbox and repertoire? Do you want to use simulations and games fast and easy in the programmes with your clients? When and how exactly do you do so? In all possible ways we can offer you our expertise and experience to help and deliver your client excellent quality. Moreover, our Programme Train-the-Trainer and our selection of simulations and games with different themes and learning goals might just fit your expertise and proposition and add value towards your clients.

Co-creation: What can we do together?

We can offer you our gaming asset and expertise with simulations, games and other interactive tools to enable you – as a trainer or consultant – in alle possible ways to master and elaborate and/or implementation of learning, development or training programmes for your clients.

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Simulation & Games in your Professional Toolbox

We are convinced that simulations and games – because of their inherent power – will become a more and more important part of learning, development, change and training programmes. Our mission is to enable trainers and consultans as well as possible with powerful ready-to-go simulation and games that:

  • are developed by (inter)national game-experts;
  • target up to date organizational and management issues;
  • are based upon recognized management theories;
  • have proven their power.

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Programme Train-the-Trainer

Conducting and making use from simulations and games in an optimal way is a profession. Periodically we organize ‘Train-the-Trainers’ under supervision of dr. Vincent Peters (who is former Chairman of the International Simulation and Gaming Association). These are the kinds of Training sessions we deliver:

  • Introduction Training ‘Simulations & Games: what can you do with them?’;
  • General Training Simulations & Gaming, in which game-facilitation insights and skills are the core elements, but also other interactive and participatory methods come into play;
  • Specific Training, targeting conducting and making use of a specific simulation or game.

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