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Crash course: build your own microgame on change leadership

4x 2 hours online hands-on microgame design course (English) for organizational L&D experts

September 17th, 22nd, 25th & 29th 2020 (11.00 – 13.00 hours)

In this practical course, ‘learning by doing’ is both the method and the subject. In a high pace and with serious homework, participants will be familiarized with the game- and blended learning concept of ActeeChange and design their own playable microgame. Therefore, participants will develop their own game scenario with a sharply defined challenge or dilemma, inspired by and based on participants’ own organizational reality.

Play hard. Learn fast. Light.

After finishing the course participants will be able to deploy their own real-life microgame on change leadership into their own organization: not particularly by inviting colleagues into a classroom, but mainly by bringing the microgame into the workplace. Of course, participants are also able to develop new microgames in a short time, addressing other relevant dilemmas and mental models within their organization. Fifteen minutes of game learning every day can easily become the new learning paradigm of your organization, triggering debate and mindsets and stretching the learning to a next level. Of course you can co-create and blend around the microgame in synchronous online and in-classroom sessions and/or asynchronous communication in social networks, depending on own preferences.

The four two-hours modules will be conducted in english and entail the following components:

1) Setting the stage: the ActeeChange game framework;

2) How to develop your storyline & to cast your stakeholders (non playing characters);

3) How to design interventions & towards a playable alpha version;

4) Playing, testing & fine-tuning.

The crash course is intended for a small, international group of L&D experts, working at either corporate or public organizations.

Investment: € 695 (VAT excluded)

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