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8. 6Styles

  • Insight in (theory behind) different leadershipstyles;
  • Explication and development of one’s own leadershipstyle;
  • Application of one’s own leadershipstyle in specific circumstances.

6Styles is a simulation tool developed by Relation Technologies from Danemark, that challenges the leadership preferences, skills and emotional competences of participants through a series of carefully designed problem scenarios and dilemmas. 6Styles is intended for both new and more experienced managers. In a dynamic process of experimenting, participants have to take decisions providing insight into their leadershipstyle and management skills, including strengths and weaknesses. So 6Styles is a powerful tool for (self)analysis and a rich starting point for reflection and feedback from colleagues and other managers on each others’ leadershipstyles.

6Styles is based om Daniel Goleman’s theories concerning the six fundamental leadershipstyles and emotional intelligence. 6Styles offers the possibility to elaborate more on these theories.

Like Mindsetter – also with its identification of leadershipstyles – 6 Styles is a dedicated toolbox for trainers and consultants to overwhelm your own clients. Every year some accreditation courses will be organized (open or in-company).

Number of participants: 2 – 200.
Duration: a minimum of two hours.