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7. ActeeChange (used to be Changesetter)

  • Leading organizational change;
  • Understanding and dealing with different types of resistance;
  • Relevant leadership styles in change processes.

ActeeChange Learning Concept at a glance

ActeeChange is a simulation tool in the field of change management, developed by the Danish company Actee. More specifically, ActeeChange is geared to developing a more practical understanding of (a) Maurer’s theory on (dealing with) resistance to organisational change, and (b) the design, management and conclusion of change processes (as theorised by Kotter).

ActeeChange distinguishes various specific phases of organisational change and types of resistance. The simulation tool uses several game materials including a computer simulator and a life-size game board, so that progress and the three levels of resistance are made manifest in a powerful way. ActeeChange can be played in a Merger-, Customer Relation Management (CRM) or LEAN-scenario. It is also possible to develop a tailor-made scenario.

An important advantage of ActeeChange is that, after playing the simulation game, participants can continue to play and experiment and learn on their own, as part of the on-line ‘follow-up learning’ programme.

ActeeChange is an elaborate toolkit (with coaching and life-size game boards and an on-line ‘consultant universe’) that consultants and trainers may also purchase and use to develop their own customised workshops. A great feature of ActeeChange is ChangeLive. With this on-line application players c.q. managers can (e.g. on iPad) map their own Change Projects using the format and concept of ActeeChange: where are the change project and stakeholders and in what level of resistance? It is also possible to share this log with colleague-managers and keep it up-to-date, e.g. assigning specific tasks to individual employees or stakeholders. From a theoretical point of view ActeeChange also offers practical advice to specific situations. Finally the application and case ActeeChange Colleagues offers the possibility to stretch the game-experience to professionals who are subject to the change. With this gaming tool they are enabled to get acquainted with the concept and theories of ActeeChange too and they are being triggered to reflect on the organizational diagnosis and approach and especially their own and colleagues’ behavior.
These unique applications offers a powerful follow-up and integration into the organizational reality. Periodically or upon request we organize open or in-company authorization sessions..

Number of participants: 4 – 60 participants.
Duration: minimally one day