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4. SysTeamsChange

  • Leading organizational change;
  • Experimenting interventions;
  • Organizing a change process;
  • Resistance during organizational change.

Developed by Professor Willy Kriz (Dornbirn, Austria) and Hanja Hansen (Zürich, Switzerland), SysTeamsChange offers an intense simulation of a company change process. The game participants form an external change team that can choose from and experiment with a wide range of actions, while the supporting software provides immediate feedback. In a few rounds the change team guides the company’s employees through the various psychological stages involved in a change process.

SysTeamsChange is a powerful training tool for senior and middle management, offering an ideal vehicle for individual and shared reflection about change processes within organizations and how they should be approached, also in relation to relevant theories.
The game is based on a broad spectrum of theories, including innovation, resistance, the learning organization and phases of organizational change.

Simulation Experience has a license for playing and selling the Dutch SysTeamsChange version.

Number of participants: 3 – 42.
Duration: a minimum of one day.