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2. Slogan

  • Client- and Market Orientation;
  • Chain management;
  • ‘Going Concern’ vs. unexpected events;
  • Multilevel awareness of organizational issues.

Developed for DSM in 1981 under supervision of Richard R. Duke (University of Michigan), this game gives the players a powerful understanding of the importance of market and customer-orientation for the entire organization. It pays ample attention to communication, cooperation and a chain-oriented approach.

Together with the game design company Samenspraak Advies, Simulation Experience further enhanced the game into a tool that can also be applied in a public context. This public version of Slogan enables players to comprehend the significance of situational awareness for the entire (public) organization, with a particular focus on the political-administrative context.

Number of players: 16 – 250.
Duration: a minimum of four hours.