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14. Scrumbld

  • Starting or accelerating with scrum;
  • Setting the stage for scrum and agile transition;
  • Generating business value.

With the game simulation Scrumbld, teams in organizations will be working with Agile and Scrum. Scrumbld provides insights into the Scrum process and connects it with the overall objectives of the organization. Employees understand the strengths and weaknesses of their (team) work and make the improvements themselves. This gives a lasting result: more business value!

When to play?

  • when considering to apply the Scrum method
  • experienced ‘scrum players’ who want to make a next step
  • at a kick-off of a new project or program
  • a recruitment and orientation day for new employees
  • if teams do not work or work together efficiently

For whom?

  • teams and organizations that start with Scrum
  • experienced ‘scrum players’ who want to make a next step
  • training and consulting agencies that guide organizations in the transition to Agile and Scrum

Number of participants: 3-6 players per game; multiple games can be conducted at the same time
Duration: 2 to 4 hours, depending on customer needs