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12. PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship

  • Start-up & Business planning;
  • Business management on a strategic, tactical and operational level;
  • Interpreting business figures;
  • Innovation management.

PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship is used to learn playfully the issues of corporate foundation in practical case studies and scenarios and to acquire entrepreneurial operation skills. The Entrepreneurship game „PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship“ is a part of the PRIMESIM Business Simulations series. This computer-based simulation games are all business administration simulations for interactive management and entrepreneurship training. PRIMESIM teaches on the one hand, knowledge of business contexts in a small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs), on the other hand, specific knowledge about the following topics:

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Financing und Investment
  • Controlling
  • Enterprise planning and
  • Economics

Teams of three to six people take the management of a virtual small and medium enterprise (SME) at PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship and compete on simulated markets with your competitors. You will learn the contents of operation and economics and be able to directly practically implement your findings in the simulation model.

The simulation model in PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship is an interactive learning & development method, to teach business context in a team (company) experience. The Team members will take the tasks in a young, innovative company.


Several teams compete in an oligopolistic market for the sale of their products. All participating companies receive identical information. These are provided by the system or by the seminar leader as market research reports, as economic news (Business News) and as business dossier.

The results are under consideration of

  • the decisions of the competition
  • the behavior of potential customers
  • influences of the economic and industrial development
  • cyclical influences

and will be evaluated by the seminar leader on the basis of the simulation model and then provided to the participants in the form of result reports. These reports are basis for decisions in the next period.

The simulation model in PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship contains, depending on complexity, the six major functional company departments: market, purchasing, finance, R & D, sales and production. The teams need to lead these departments. For didactic reasons, the parameters are manageable, transparent and understandable.

Number of participants: 10 -30 players
Duration: one or two day(s)