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11. napuro*

  • Corporate Sustainability;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Sustainability from an internal and external perspective.

napuro simulates a competition among companies producing cleaning robots that can distinguish themselves through defining measures for corporate sustainability. The setting ensures sufficient distance from the daily routine for the participants to fully engage in the subject, but still provides enough parallels to the everyday working environment. Hence, specific real-life situations are represented in the simulation game, and the experience that participants gain can be easily transferred to day-to- day life.

Making forward progress in terms of sustainability

napuro provides new stimuli to further advance sustainability comprehensively and at all levels of a company. The simulation game creates the scope to experience the effect of various measures as well as test different strategies. New sustainability processes benefit from a motivating start with many ideas. Processes already underway reap rewards from the comprehensive view on sustainability provided by napuro.

napuro in your company

A workshop with the napuro simulation game comprises an introduction to corporate sustainability, following the simulation game, a detailed debriefing of the participants’ experiences including the transfer to their own company. Adaptations to the specific needs of the customer are easily possible, like the design of the corporate sustainability communication, strategy development, or sustainable optimization of production processes. E.g. check Annual Report Evonik Industries (in german).

What napuro provides

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand model of corporate sustainability;
  • Understanding of corporate sustainability as a tool for hedging risks and early detection of opportunities for the company;
  • Participants get to know the components of corporate sustainability and experience the relevant dynamic interaction. 


Participants are able to identify the significance and elements of corporate sustainability within their own company and can actively contribute to their further development. 

Number of participants: 8-24
Duration: 1⁄2 – 1 day including debriefing and transfer

*Nachhaltige Putz-Roboter (sustainable cleaning-robots)