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10. Interpersonal Skills LAB (InterLAB)

  • Leadership in complex situations;
  • Collaboration under pressure and stress;
  • Operational excellence;
  • Averting human errors in critical industrial processes.

Effective interpersonal skills – key factor for successful collaboration

Are you an executive, teamleader or project manager? Then you probably spend 90% of your time on communicating, leading teams and/or coordinating tasks. Distributed knowledge, complexity and time pressure challenge you day in, day out.

Interpersonal Skills LAB takes people far away from their world of expertise. The fictional and exciting spaceflight scenario confronts participants with real-life challenges but focuses exclusively on the human factor. During consecutive simulation cycles participants develop individual collaboration mechanisms that help them to master challenging situations at work more efficiently.

The high-end training „lab“ consists of:

  • Realtime computer simulation for training of behaviour,
  • Measuring instruments for precise analysis of behaviour,
  • Methodology toolkit for effective learning transfer.

Which competences are trained?

Depending on the specific learning goals that are set for the session, it is controlled by the trainer which objectives are achieved. Mostly these areas are covered:

  • Communicate precisely and efficiently
  • Interact with people having a different perspective
  • Leading teams in complex situations
  • Planning, decision making and setting goals (and stick to them)
  • Assign roles & duties (also in agile project teams)
  • Workload and stress management
  • Cope with information flood

Who benefits?

Any person of any level who’s decisions and actions have great impact on the organization’s benefits, like executives, team leaders, project managers, sales people, coordinators. With interpersonal Skills LAB we can create „mission sets” for any industry. Our field tested sets cover the following areas:

  • Aviation
  • Emergency services
  • Energy
  • Health care
  • Information technology
  • Logistics + transportation
  • Production

Why Interpersonal Skills LAB?

The method has proven itself since 1998, originates in the field of aerospace, but has been successfully applied in many fields, offering:

  • Feedback from three sources (trainer, other players, computer);
  • „Mindset“ far away from reality (focus on behaviour);
  • Repeatable sequences (experience „change“);
  • Multiple perspectives (real collaboration conditions);
  • Measuring of behaviour (computer analysis).

Participants leave the training with field tested plans for action that can be applied already next day.

Story of the simulated scenario

Owing to a technical fault, a mission to outer space becomes a challenging adventure. Only accurate communication and efficient allocation of tasks and roles bring success. The focus here is not however on technology, flying or shooting. Rather it is on the most exciting invention since the dawn of time: human communication.

Interpersonal Skills LAB is designed in Switzerland by Ninecubes.
Since 1998. Developed with Lufthansa. Scientifically based. Measures behaviour.

Number of participants: 6 – 20+
Duration: 2h, ½ day and 1 day