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1. New Commons Game

  • Collaboration in teams;
  • Trust;
  • Short vs. long term & individual vs. common interests;
  • Sustainability.

The Commons Game was developed in 1975 by Richard Powers partly based on research by Nobelprize winning Elinor Ostrom and further enhanced into the New Commons Game in 1993. It rapidly and dynamically uncovers the (social) dilemmas between short and long term on the one hand, and individual and collective interests on the other. This inevitably leads to an interesting and confrontational group process, through which the importance of competition, cooperation, confidence and leadership becomes manifest. These aspects are subsequently identified and discussed in the group debriefing. The game has been played across the world for many years now, and it is perceived as a very powerful tool. Simulation Experience possesses a license for the game.

Simulation Experience also conducts New Commons Game at schools with children from ten years old.

Number of players: 6 – 72.
Duration: a minimum of three hours.