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Catalogue with our selection of our Ready-to-Play Simulations and Games


1. New Commons Game

  • Collaboration in teams;
  • Trust;
  • Short vs. long term & individual vs. common interests;
  • Sustainability.

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2. Slogan

  • Client- and Market Orientation;
  • Chain management;
  • ‘Going Concern’ vs. unexpected events;
  • Multilevel awareness of organizational issues.

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3. Hexagon

  • Communication in multi-level organizations;
  • Awareness of organizational issues;
  • Decision-making in complex organizations.

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4. SysTeamsChange

  • Leading organizational change;
  • Experimenting interventions;
  • Organizing a change process;
  • Resistance during organizational change.

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5. Strike Fighter

  • Preparing for negotiations;
  • Communication in difficult situations;
  • Achieving a good negotiation result.

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6. A Matter of Time

  • Project- and timemanagement;
  • Collaboration in teams and team-efficiency;
  • Dealing with unexpected events.

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7. Changesetter

  • Leading organizational change;
  • Understanding and dealing with different types of resistance;
  • Relevant leadership styles in change processes.

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8. 6Styles

  • Insight in (theory behind) different leadershipstyles;
  • Explication and development of one’s own leadershipstyle;
  • Application of one’s own leadershipstyle in specific circumstances.

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9. TeamUp

  • Collaboration in teams and team-efficiency;
  • Effective communication;
  • Conducting and receiving leadership & coaching;
  • Problem solving and creativity in teams.

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10. Interpersonal Skills LAB (InterLAB)

  • Leadership in complex situations;
  • Collaboration under pressure and stress;
  • Operational excellence;
  • Averting human errors in critical business / industrial processes.

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11. napuro

  • Corporate Sustainability;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Sustainability from an internal and external perspective;

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12. PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship

  • Start-up & Business planning;
  • Business management on a strategic, tactical and operational level;
  • Interpreting business figures;
  • Innovation management.

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13. Social Media Game

  • Dealing with the impact of social media in your organization;
  • Exploring dilemmas: work-private life, integrity, privacy etc.;
  • Defining the difference between communication, conversation and participation.

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14. Scrumbld

  • Starting or accelerating with scrum;
  • Setting the stage for scrum and agile transition;
  • Generating business value.

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15. Thinking in & and out of the box

  • Mapping filters and boundaries in one’s thinking;
  • Applying in & out the box thinking;
  • Improving creativity and innovation in teams and leadership.

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16. WeQ

  • High-performance teaming;
  • Psychological safety in teams;
  • Open and meaningful dialogue;
  • Feedback culture.

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