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  • 1. New Commons Game
  • Collaboration in teams;
  • Trust;
  • Short vs. long term & individual vs. common interests;
  • Sustainability.
  • A classic that has been played many times worldwide, based on The Tragedy of the Commons.
  • 2. Slogan
  • Client- and Market Orientation;
  • Chain management;
  • 'Going Concern' vs. unexpected events;
  • Multilevel awareness of organizational issues.
  • 3. Hexagon
  • Communication in multi-level organizations;
  • Awareness of organizational issues;
  • Decision-making in complex organizations.
  • 4. SysTeamsChange
  • Leading organizational change;
  • Experimenting interventions;
  • Organizing a change process;
  • Resistance during organizational change.
  • 5. Strike Fighter
  • Preparing for negotiations;
  • Communication in difficult situations;
  • Achieving a good negotiation result.
  • Winner NASAGA Game Design Competition 2009
  • 6. A Matter of Time
  • Project- and timemanagement;
  • Collaboration in teams and team-efficiency;
  • Dealing with unexpected events.
  • Winner NASAGA Game Design Competition 2010
  • 7. ActeeChange (used to be     Changesetter)
  • Leading organizational change;
  • Understanding and dealing with different types of resistance;
  • Relevant leadership styles in change processes.
  • 8. 6Styles
  • Insight in (theory behind) different leadershipstyles;
  • Explication and development of one's own leadershipstyle;
  • Application of one's own leadershipstyle in specific circumstances.
  • 9. TeamUp
  • Collaboration in teams and team-efficiency;
  • Effective communication
  • Conducting and receiving leadership & coaching;
  • Problem solving and creativity in teams.
  • Co-production with Delft University of Technology and Accenture
  • Winner SAGANET Award 2013
  • 10. Interpersonal Skills LAB (InterLAB)
  • Leadership in complex situations;
  • Collaboration under pressure and stress;
  • Operational excellence;
  • Averting human errors in critical business / industrial processes.
  • Since 1998. Developed with Lufthansa. Scientifically based. Measures behaviour.
  • 11. napuro
  • Corporate Sustainability;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Sustainability from an internal and external perspective;
  • Experiment with your Corporate Sustainability Strategy. Make forward progress.
  • 12. PRIMESIM Entrepreneurship
  • Start-up & Business planning;
  • Business management on a strategic, tactical and operational level;
  • Interpreting business figures;
  • Innovation management.
  • Played by at least 3.500 students across 150 German Universities in an entrepreneurship-competition.
  • 13. Social Media Game
  • Dealing with the impact of social media in your organization;
  • Exploring dilemmas: work-private life, integrity, privacy etc.;
  • Defining the difference between communication, conversation and participation.
  • Uses game-scenarios aligned with your organizational reality.
  • 14. Scrumbld
  • Starting or accelerating with scrum;
  • Setting the stage for scrum and agile transition;
  • Generating business value.
  • Provides insights in the scrum approach en aligns these with organizational goals.
  • 15. Thinking in & out of the Box
  • Mapping filters and boundaries in one’s thinking;
  • Applying in & out the box thinking;
  • Improving creativity and innovation in teams and leadership.
  • Gamified learning concept on awareness and developing of one’s mental models.
  • 16. WeQ NEW
  • High-performance teaming;
  • Psychological safety in teams;
  • Open and meaningful dialogue;
  • Feedback culture.
  • Gamified and blended learning concept for team-boosting based on neuroscientifical principles

    Developed with the aid of Amy Edmonson, Harvard Business School (Extreme Teaming, The Fearless Organization)
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Are you looking to boost the development of teams and organizations through a powerful experience that is unique and unforgettable?

Specialized in ready-to-go simulations and games with real-life dilemmas and real-world impact, that trigger change of people, teams, organizations and networks, setting the stage for commitment and success.

NEW: WeQ – trigger for feedback culture and high-performance teaming

Psychological safety is one of the most important conditions for succesful teamwork. WeQ builds on this with a neuroscientifically based game concept. In the game flow with a mobiele app and playing cards participants are playfully and subtilely triggered to openly start a meaningful conversation and pursue a common break through. Learn more about WeQ | Contact

Our simulaties en games: selected with care

Our portfolio simulations and games is carefully selected:

  • aimed at organizational issues;
  • designed by game-experts;
  • based on recognized theories;
  • widely tested and approved;
  • 3 winners game-design competitions.

  • Why games work

    Simulations and games owe their power to the effectiveness of experiential learning. Learn more

    Build your own real-life microgame on change leadership

    In this 4 x 2 hours online and hands-on course L&D experts of corporate and public organizations will be familiarized with the ActeeChange framework and design their own playable microgame, based on participants’ own organizational reality. Learn more

    ActeeChange: experiental learning in an unforgettable change adventure

    ActeeChange enables you to experiment with real-life change dilemma’s and to create a common and visual language on change, based on a rich blend of theories. Play one of the generic cases or create more impact with a real-life customized scenario with your own transformation challenge and (archetypical) stakeholders.
    Learn more | ActeeChange schematic

    Let’s co-create around game-based interventions

    We like to collaborate with (internal) trainers, consultants and business universities around our simulation and gaming tools.

    TeamUp reveals collaboration behaviour in teams within one minute.”

    TeamUp is a 3D avatar-based serious game, in which teams with a multiple of four player are challenged to collaboratively overcome different obstacles in an attractive, virtual atmosphere. TeamUp is an excellent and unique gaming tool to address themes as communication under (time)pressure, leadership, coaching and problem solving and creativity in teams in workshops or learning programmes. TeamUp can be played in both a Regular and Master version, adding up to two times five levels of gameplay. Your kids will be jealous. Please watch the TeamUp-trailer below.


    “Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain – unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions.” – Dr. Karin Purvis

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